Summer Session 33

Cash: $175.00
Online: $180.54

Monday, June 24th – Friday, June 28th
Students ages: 8 – 12/13 yrs.
Class time: 5 to 6p

Note: This session is for beginners or a beginner’s refresher.

The 4M Swim Club / 4M Swim and Recreation

Student Prerequisite Guideline Sheet

Rules and General Information

• Under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

• A student’s place in class is secured once registration is paid in full.

• Partial registration payments will not hold a student’s place in class.

• Class time will be made up only if the director causes loss of class. time.

1. Please administer three (3) drops of mineral oil or sweet oil in each ear of the student, three (3) days prior to the start of the swimming lessons.

2. All eating and drinking should take place three (3) hours before the start time of swimming class.

3. Has the student ever had a seizure? Is there a history of or any current medical conditions that could suddenly negatively affect the swimmer’s ability to move or swim?

4. Swimming lessons are standardly ten (10) – two (2) hour classes, Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted by the director. All classes will begin and end promptly at the scheduled time.

5. Students are expected to be prompt, dressed and prepared for swimming class each scheduled day. This will eliminate loss of valuable class time and garments. There are minimal facilities for changing clothes.

6. Under no circumstances are parents allowed to stay for any lessons.

7. For each transaction, a receipt will be issued. For square transactions, the customer will be charged an additional convenience fee of the total dollar amount: 2.7% for easy swipe transactions or 3.6%
for manual input transactions. PayPal email address: CashApp: $Marvin4MSC

8. Any student with long hair is required to wear a swimming cap. Preferably nylon.

9. Unsupervised children and unruly spectators will not be permitted on the grounds of the facility. Only enrolled students of a current class will be admitted. This is an instructional facility.

10. It is suggested to seek a physician’s approval before participating in this program.

11. Students will not be permitted in the pool with bandages or band-aids on his or her body.

12. Students may be photographed individually or as part of a class grouping for

13. Students are expected to wear swimming garments that do not have metal fasteners, buttons, etc.
of any sort. Unfortunately, these types of garments can be hazardous and cumbersome.

14. No elaborate hairpins or clips, jewelry or the likes should be worn during class. Regrettably, these items may cause unsafe swimming conditions.

15. Each student should have his or her name inscribed in all swimming apparel.

16. The swimming facility is not responsible for clothing and or other articles left after class.

Marvin A. Thorpe, II – The 4M Swim Club / 4MSR Director
Office: 410-298-4481 or

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